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Managing your physical
infrastructure is complex.

Your DCIM solution
doesn't have to be.

Our CPIM platform visualizes tasks in a 3D model with point-and-click ease. The iTRACS Customer Value Lifecycle simplifies DCIM deployment across your entire interconnected ecosystem. And iTRACS CustomerCare simplifies the support you demand and deserve. We call this user-friendly approach DCIM Simplified. Come to know iTRACS and see for yourself.

Customer Value Lifecycle

iTRACS Customer Value Lifecycle™
Generating value for your organization from Day One for as long as you’re part of the iTRACS family.

DCIM Simplified™
Managing your infrastructure is complex. Your DCIM solution doesn’t have to be.

Our services are the perfect convergence of people, process, and technology.

iTRACS Customer Value Lifecycle

We make it easier to deploy DCIM. So you can do more with it.

Managing your enterprise infrastructure is complex.  Your DCIM shouldn’t have to be.  So iTRACS has worked hard to simplify, demystify, and risk-mitigate the entire DCIM experience.

At the heart of our industry-leading approach is the iTRACS Customer Value Lifecycle, a best-practices deployment and customer enablement methodology designed to help you unleash CONTINUOUS BUSINESS VALUE from your physical infrastructure and maximum return on your iTRACS Converged Physical Infrastructure Management® (CPIM®) investment.

The Lifecycle is the world’s first holistic, end-to-end approach to DCIM software deployment that quantifiably accelerates time-to-value while mitigating risk and ensuring continuous delivery of business value to the organization. It’s designed to simplify your entire infrastructure management experience as you deploy the benefits of iTRACS CPIM® across your interconnected ecosystem.

  • You’ll achieve “quick wins” and rapid payback on your iTRACS investment, eliminating the data integrity and professional services issues that typically plague the other guys. Everything is predictable with tight cost controls. It’s a comprehensive, integrated deployment approach that helps to ensures your success, literally step by step.
  • Implementation is accelerated and risk is mitigated in a proven methodology that transforms complex processes into an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow roadmap. Everyone is on the same page, eliminating ambiguity and driving the positive business outcomes you demand.
  • Unlike discrete software launches or disruptive big-bang moments, the Lifecycle delivers continuous business value against the key performance indicators that YOU define.

The bottom line? You get the holy grail of software deployments – continuous, quantifiable business value from your software investment from day one for as long as you’re part of the iTRACS community.

A culmination of unparalleled domain expertise in interconnectivity, visualization, and infrastructure management.

The Lifecycle represents an aggregation of our unparalleled domain expertise and knowledge base in the management and optimization of physical infrastructure. (Remember, iTRACS has been generating strategic value for users in complex interconnected environments since the advent of Windows 1.0). It delivers continuous incremental business value to your organization by:

  • Aligning and “architecting” your infrastructure operations to the needs of your business
  • Identifying and executing against a shared vision of your goals
  • Creating a forum of proactive collaboration that openly and continuously democratizes information between the key DCIM constituents within your organization – Data Center/IT, Facilities, and Building Management Systems
  • Unleashing the true strategic potential of your enterprise infrastructure – What DCIM is meant to be.™

Four interconnected phases delivering continuous transformational value.

The Lifecycle offers four interconnected phases in the implementation of the iTRACS CPIM portfolio – Discover, Plan, Empower, and Optimize.

Each point of value builds upon the previous point of value, creating a continuously expanding cycle of infrastructure optimization. In this way, the Lifecycle adds measurable value at every stage of the DCIM engagement. It’s always looking ahead, seeking new opportunities to support the business goals of the organization. Because if the infrastructure is stuck in neutral, then the business will inevitably be left behind. The Lifecycle provides your infrastructure with the agility to mitigate this risk.

Value DISCOVER – the value of knowledge

  • Identifying and closing gaps in knowledge
  • Turning data into actionable information
  • Aligning your DCIM roadmap for IT, Building Management Systems, and Facilities Management to your strategic business goals
  • Developing a Value Enabled® strategy
  • Laying the groundwork for delivering continuous transformational value

Value PLAN – planning for optimum performance and continuous value delivery

  • Creating a roadmap for your CPIM implementation
  • Confirming scope of engagement with quantifiable deliverables
  • Establishing Governance and Risk Mitigation models
  • Optimizing your Value Enabled strategy – assuring impactful outcomes

Value EMPOWER – “go live” environment delivering continuous quantifiable value

  • Validating project success against quantifiable value metrics that YOU define
  • Empowering you with self-enablement and command-and-control over the physical infrastructure
  • Managing change with the support of iTRACS Program Management Office
  • Demonstrably supporting your business goals – Virtualization, Cloud, efficiency, utilization, cost management, Green IT, and the technology game-changers yet to come…

Value OPTIMIZE – optimizing the performance and value of infrastructure across the enterprise

  • Leveraging the full potential of iTRACS CPIM, maximizing the opportunity of Change, enhancing operational efficiency, unleashing agility
  • Building a roadmap of continuous innovation
  • “Future Proofing” your infrastructure investment
  • Delivering a continuous loop of value delivery to your business…

Value Enabled

The centerpiece of the Lifecycle is the Value Enabled strategy, in which you and your team:

  • Define and align your value delivery milestones with the goals of your DCIM initiative
  • Work collaboratively with iTRACS to systematically achieve them

Each milestone is tracked with quantifiable business value measured and validated by YOU. Working closely with iTRACS, the Value Enabled strategy is continuously re-defined, re-measured, and re-validated throughout the lifecycle of your iTRACS CPIM engagement to make sure you are getting maximum CONTINUOUS VALUE and return on your DCIM investment.