Asset Management

A whole new level of context-rich information at your fingertips.

Traditionally, “asset management” has meant keeping track of devices in a spreadsheet that can tell you what the device is, but can’t give you any context-based information about its connectivity to guide and accelerate your decision-making.

In the modern data center, information without context is unacceptable.

Today, asset management requires a whole new level of context-rich information so you can manage your IT assets – no matter how fast-changing – with true agility and efficiency. This best practices approach to asset management requires the iTRACS CPIM® platform, a powerful management tool for capturing and documenting the complete lifecycle of all of your assets – and storing that information in a context-rich repository.

CPIM® offers you and your IT team unparalleled visibility into:

  • Every device, its age, and its financial characteristics (cost, leasing)
  • Where it is
  • Its interrelationships with all other devices in the data center
  • Its interconnectivity – power and network
  • What line of business and applications it supports
  • Its energy usage and related costs (above or below your energy specifications)
  • Other relevant data

With this rich level of data, it’s virtually impossible to “lose” an asset – you always know where it’s located, its role in the business, and its interrelationships with other assets. This is vital if and when the asset is up for lease renewal, due to be removed from service, or is designated to be part of a technology refresh or other strategic IT initiative.

Your entire asset base in a single repository.

iTRACS offers a “single pane” view into your entire asset base. This information is managed in the CPIM environment and presented to you in a holistic view that makes it easy to locate and analyze any asset anywhere within your infrastructure. Our interactive 3D visualization transforms data from static 2D information into context-rich insight based upon the software’s unique ability to understand and show you the entire landscape of the data center.

Manage Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) with unparalleled confidence.

Thanks to the depth and accuracy of the CPIM repository, your MAC projects will be smooth and trouble-free. You can instantly find any asset with a click of a mouse throughout its entire history – from the day the asset arrives, through various changes as the asset is moved within the date center, until the day when it is decommissioned. iTRACS shows you in 3D exactly where the asset is located and all information about that asset, including network and power connectivity.

iTRACS documents the relationship between assets and their locations with unparalleled data accuracy. In addition to automating workflows and creating work orders automatically, iTRACS CPIM software also integrates with external work order tools like BMC Remedy to create best-in-class business and change control processes.