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This is a real-world data center modeled and managed in iTRACS’ award-winning DCIM software suite. No gimmicks or flashware. No expensive marketing videos. Just real solutions to real challenges. See for yourself.

iTRACS Converged Physical Infrastructure Management® (CPIM®) – The World’s Most Powerful DCIM Solution for Driving Efficiency, Agility, Cost Savings, and Strategic Value in the Data Center

Welcome to CPIM with Interactive 3D Visualization:
The new standard in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

iTRACS CPIM® is an open, enterprise-class, award-winning data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software portfolio that is transforming the way organizations are managing and optimizing their physical infrastructure – enabling full leverage of today’s innovations in data center design and build. CPIM offers a best-of-breed management environment to help executives directly support the revenue and growth goals of the organization and drive a new level of operational value from the IT investment.

At the heart of the CPIM solution is Interactive 3D Visualization – The Efficiency Engine™. Interactive 3D Visualization is the world’s first and only holistic view of the data center using an interactive, navigable 3D environment that lets you point-and-click through the entire physical ecosystem – IT, Facilities, and Building Management Systems. Our living, breathing 3D model gives you a rich understanding of – and control over – the complex web of interrelationships that exist between assets. And unleashes new opportunities to create efficiency and business value in the design, management, and optimization of the modern data center.

Let’s face it – if you can’t understand the complex interrelationships that drive your data center, you can’t optimize them.

This isn’t business as usual in the data center.
This is iTRACS.
What Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is meant to be.™

Check out the Five Pillars of CPIM: Interconnectivity, Visualization, Open Systems, Methodology, and Value-Based Pricing. 

iTRACS MobileCPIM: Driving a new level of performance, efficiency, and business value in the data center.

CPIM with Interactive 3D Visualization is leading the charge in data center infrastructure management (DCIM) as a true Change Agent and Value Creator. McKinsey & Company describes the emerging IT management model exemplified by iTRACS as combining “factory-style productivity to keep costs down with a more nimble, innovation-focused approach to adapt to rapid change”.

Applied to the unique challenges of DCIM, this new paradigm requires IT departments to adopt innovative out-of-the-box strategies that transcend the inherent limitations of old-school infrastructure management:

1. Reducing complexity, maximizing efficiency, optimizing performance, and lowering costs.

CPIM automates workflows, empowers knowledge-based decision-making, and reduces operational costs. This level of efficiency is a far cry from the static decision-support tools, 2D spreadsheets, and error-prone manual tasks of the past. CPIM offers a uniquely holistic view of your IT assets within an interactive, navigable 3D landscape that gives you unparalleled point-and-click control over the complex interrelationships between assets that lie at the heart of your data center. You can pursue and optimize cloud computing, virtualization, green data center, and other challenges with unparalleled efficiency, agility, and time-to-value – ensuring that the physical infrastructure supports the needs of the logical layer.

2. Using cost–benefit analyses and “what if” scenarios to better understand the implications of Change not just on the data center, but on the entire IT ecosystem.

The goal is to tangibly improve the cost efficiency of the IT investment while meeting the continuously-changing needs of the business units you serve. With our robust actionable insight and predictive “what if” scenarios, you can see the future – and optimize it – before it happens.

3. Finding new sources of value for IT and leveraging them to create competitive advantage for the organization.

This means looking under rocks and spurring innovation in ways previously unimaginable. Your team must exhibit a willingness to learn, test and grow. Unleashing the true strategic value of enterprise infrastructure is why CPIM exists. But it requires vision and boldness.

CPIM: Real-world DCIM for real-world challenges.

Visibility – Seeing Is Knowing.

CPIM “unlocks” the vast realms of data underlying the infrastructure, turns this data into information, and visualizes it in a holistic 3D model so it’s understandable, manageable, and actionable. CPIM understands and shows you with real-time 3D visibility:

  • Your assets and their entire network and power connectivity – every asset, every component, every circuit, every patch, etc. – with a granular level of understanding previously unobtainable
  • How all of the physical infrastructure in your data center fits together – from the transformer on the street down to every port on every server
  • Their interdependencies – how a change in one asset ripples across the data center with impacts not just in technology, but in people and processes
  • The impact of your assets (physical layer) on your applications (logical layer)

And CPIM shows you all of this with rich, interactive 3D visualization that leaves no room for misunderstandings or misinterpretations as to what is happening. This unique level of visibility lets you manage your data center with unprecedented agility as it continuously adapts to the organization’s business goals and demands.

Management – Working Faster and Smarter Than You Ever Thought Possible.

CPIM offers intuitive, holistic control over the intersection of technology, people, and process that lies at the heart of your data center – an intersection that changes fluidly on a daily, hourly, sometimes minute-by-minute basis. At the core of CPIM is a real-time repository of IT physical infrastructure information, encompassing equipment (components), connectivity (power and network), location, and operational data. Because CPIM software can see all assets and their interrelationships using this master database, it can help you plan and execute vital data center initiatives – from virtualization to power management – with game-changing agility and automation:

  • Frees you to manage and optimize the data center with point-and-click ease
  • Provides automated workflows for many tasks that other systems make you handle manually
  • Creates scheduled work orders for complex data center initiatives – automatically
  • Helps ensure that work is conducted smoothly between departments – and that the entire IT staff understands the impact of even the smallest change to the physical infrastructure

Need to add servers to support a new business application? With a few clicks of a mouse, CPIM can scan the entire data center, confirm how many servers you’ll need, and locate the best available rack space. It can then tell you the specific power and network connectivity requirements for each server and create work orders right down to each port on each device – automatically.

Optimization – Managing Change By Predicting The Future.

CPIM is all about managing Change. How can you best see it coming? Prepare for it? Respond to it? And predict its impact? Changes are bombarding the data center from all angles – the changing needs of the business units you serve, paradigm shifts like cloud computing and virtualization, the push towards the green data center, and much more.

Unlike conventional data center management tools, CPIM is built specifically to handle change in all its myriad forms. In this new paradigm, optimizing the data center is all about managing Change by predicting the future:

  • Leveraging a holistic, in-context representation of your physical infrastructure to do predictive modeling of “what if” scenarios
  • Building intuitive “trial and error” models that test and confirm the impact that changes to the physical layer have on your logical layer, where the heart of the business value lies
  • Doing all of this testing and predictive modeling of Change not in the lab or on the floor, but in iTRACS software – where it’s absolutely harmless – you simply point and click

CPIM allows you to model proposed changes, created scheduled work orders, and review “what if” scenarios without impacting the live data center.

We’ll show you what the future looks like before it actually becomes the future.

So you can fine tune configurations, identify and correct mistakes, avoid misinterpretations, and dodge other unintended consequences that impact success. Whether you’re trying to reduce energy bills, consolidate servers, or go green. You can feel confident making changes, knowing that CPIM has taken all interdependencies and asset relationships into account, transparently.