iTRACS Physical Layer Manager® (iTRACS PLM) is an enterprise application that enables accurate documentation of IT assets and their connectivity in order to assess the impact of change to the physical infrastructure in a way that is flexible, configurable, and customizable.

As physical infrastructure and asset connectivity become more important to the bottom line, more organizations are beginning to realize the importance of effective cable management software.

iTRACS PLM contains a large number of features for a variety of environments that can help you:

  • Reduce the inherent risk found in any network or asset change
  • Improve the availability of assets to your users
  • Lower your operation costs
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements

iTRACS Physical Layer Manager can help you obtain these benefits by:

  • Presenting information in an efficient and visual manner.
    Spreadsheets and cryptic text-based applications can be difficult to read, require extensive manual user intervention, and may require information to be entered in multiple times in different locations. iTRACS PLM eliminates those issues.

  • Helping you document asset connectivity accurately.
    iTRACS PLM simplifies the tasks of scheduling work and updating the changes involving that work. iTRACS PLM helps to simplify the process of documenting your infrastructure through wizards, customizations, and defined processes. iTRACS PLM is not designed to replace existing tools such as Remedy or Magic.

  • Making accurate asset information, and asset connectivity information available to more people.
    iTRACS PLM extends beyond a simple client GUI to help get more users working together. Consolidating where users obtain their information can help multiple groups work more efficiently and accurately.

  • Allowing you to define strict rules.
    iTRACS PLM contains extensive security controls which help administrators regulate what individual users may alter, remove, or add. Including such extensive controls (and allowing you to define additional security access controls) allows different groups to work together more efficiently.

  • Allowing you to document your assets, their connectivity, and the rules that specify when those assets may be modified the way you want.
    iTRACS PLM is completely configurable and customizable. iTRACS PLM does not force users to follow pre-determined processes, instead iTRACS PLM is designed to conform to your business rules and processes. If your organization does not have business rules or you want to improve upon your existing processes our Professional Services group can help.