Hot is the New Cool

Hot technology. Cool company. Transformational value in the world of Data Center Infrastructure Management.

At iTRACS, we knew we had a HOT solution. After all, our Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platform offers the world’s first and only holistic view of the data center using an interactive, navigable 3D environment. So you can manage your data center assets with intuitive command and control over your entire IT ecosystem. Reduce energy consumption. Lower energy costs. And slash the data center’s carbon footprint.

We just didn’t know how COOL it would be, too.

David Wilhelm has extensive experience in the worlds of public policy, politics, and business, including his position as an iTRACS Board Member. Here’s what he had to say about iTRACS being named a “Cool Vendor” in the Cool Vendors in Data Center Infrastructure Management Tools, 2011 report by Gartner:

“I think what’s cool is a company where everybody wakes up every day with a sense of purpose and passion. I think what’s cool is to not only make a difference in the world of business – but also in the lives of people. To make a difference in the trajectory of our country when it comes to energy consumption. To reduce the amount of energy consumed in the data center. Proving that a company can have a social impact as well as a business impact – creating a more sustainable and smarter planet.”